Task Start End People Notes
LASSA Si, dE and E testing 8/31/06 9/3/06 RdS, ABM Testing with an alpha source in Room 3
MASE: testing and firware for the controller board 8/31/06 9/30/06 CJM, SH  
Leak check the chamber        
PA motherboard --> replace with chevron design 9/4/06 9/10/06 RdS, ABM  
Characteristics of events in Zn+Zn with qPLF < 5 deg.     SH  
Log of Si current during the TAMU expt     MB, AM?  
ASICs: RdS contact with Mike     RdS Mike will collaborate and come over at IU in September
DEMON Readout (TDC, QDC) -> implement with new DAQ        
XLM: get a second working module with 1 12-bit ADC     RdS  
Abdou + Guiseppe: visit Nov. 1-10 11/1/06 11/10/06 SH