Experiment E575S:

Near and sub-barrier fusion of neutron-rich light-ions

Experimental investigation of the sub-barrier fusion of neutron-rich light nuclei is important in understanding the crusts of neutron stars, the structure of neutron-rich nuclei, and fusion dynamics of neutron-rich nuclei. Moreover, the proposed experimental procedure is unique in allowing efficient measurement of the excitation function below the Coulomb barrier with exotic beams delivered by cyclotrons such as CIME of the SPIRAL facility at GANIL.

Physics Motivation and Experimental Procedure

First Online Results

Fusion cross-section associated with charged particle decay
Measured fusion cross-sections associated with charged particle emission channels (solid points) compared to the predictions of the evapOR model. The total predicted fusion cross-section is shown as a solid line while the cross-section predicted for the charged particle channels is represented by the dashed line. Horizontal error bars on the data points reflect the energy dispersion due to degrading the incident beam. From Rudolph et al.
Abdou Chbihi GANIL
Romualdo de Souza IU
Michael Famiano W Mich U
Sylvie Hudan IU
Felix Liang ORNL
Dan Shapira ORNL