Electronics modules


QDC CAEN V792 32 channel common-gate V792

IQDC CAEN V862 32 channel individual-gates V862

TDC CAEN V1190A 128 channel V1190A

TDC CAEN V1290A 32 channel (25 ps) V1290A

Peak Sensing ADC CAEN V785 32 channel V785

Scaler CAEN V830 32 channel V830

Switched-Capacitor Digitizer CAEN V1729A V1729a

Leading edge discriminator CAEN V895 V895

TDC CAEN V775 32 channel (35-300ps) V775

Wiener VM-USB controller VM-USB

I/O Register CAEN V977 V977

I/O Register CAEN V262 V262

VME Crate Wiener 6021 6021

Delay Lines (Rhombus Industries) Delay Lines

TDC LeCroy 2228A 2228

QDC LeCroy 2249A 2249

FERA LeCroy 4300B 4300

Bit Coincidence Register LeCroy 4448 4448

Scaler LeCroy 2551 2551

CFDs: Principle CFDs

Quad CFD TC 454 TC454

NIM Out Jorway 41 Jorway_41

Dual Gate Generator / Latch LeCroy 222 222

Power Supply ISEG NHQ x2xx NHQ

EGG-ESN CO4020 4 Input Logic Unit CO4020

Phillips 6 Channel Discriminator 711 711

Lecroy 821 Quad Discriminator 821

Ortec Octal Gate and Delay Generator GG8020

DPO 5204 Oscilloscope DPO 5204

DPO 5204- Notes concerning saving waveforms DPO 5204

DRS4 Evaluation Board DRS4

Ortec VT120 Preamplifier VT120

STAC5 Motor Controller List of Commands STAC5 Commands

STAC5 Motor Controller Manual STAC5 Manual

Labjack UE9 Labjack

Labjack UE9 Labjack (Updated)

EZ Stepper EZ Stepper



Experimental devices


Metal-Resistor-Semiconductor Geiger gain Avalanche Photo Diode CPTA

Multi-Pixel Photon Counter (Hamamatsu) MPPC



Electron beam evaporator


Temescal 1CK Supersource Manual E-gun Manual

Temescal CV-6SLX HVPS Manual HVPS Manual

Temescal E-beam Controller Manual EBC Manual

Telemark 851 Quartz Crystal Monitor Manual QCM Manual

Telemark 851 Quartz Crystal Monitor Setup QCM Setup



Vacuum related devices


IG Controller Granville-Phillips 270 GP270

Edwards nXDS Scroll Pump nXDS

Edwards STP-603/1003 series Turbo Pump STP-603

Edwards SCU-XL800 Turbo Controller SCU-XL800

TCP310 Turbo Pump Controller TCP310

Leybold Turbotronik NT 150/360 Controller NT150/360

CTI-Cryogenics Compressor Model SC SC

ASC Cryopump Compressor M450W Compressor

ASC Cryopump Compressor M125 Compressor 125

CTI Cryotorr 10 Cold Head CTI10

MKS 250 Pressure/Flow Control Module MKS 250 Datasheet

MKS 250 Pressure/Flow Control Module MKS 250 Manual

VAT HV Gate Valve Series 11 VAT GV





SMA Female to Female PE9184 SMA

Sealed SHV Connector PE9336 SHV

Voltage Rating for Different Connectors Voltage Rating