Many-Body Nuclear Dynamics Group: Detectors and Mechanics Photo Gallery

Rare Ion Purity Detector
Summer 2015

Light Charged Particle Detector Array

Position Sensitive Microchannel Plate Detector

Gridless Microchannel Plate Detectors

Mask for Microchannel Plate Detectors
Fall 2011

Masks made using laser
cutting technology
Slits with a width from
50 (shown) to 200 μm
Closer view of the 50 μm slits

Mask used to determined the
position sensitivity of the MCP40
Each slot was made using
EDM technique
Actual piece used on the EDM
machine to make the thin mask

Building Microchannel Plate Detectors

Just out of the box... floating a carbon foil Ready to test the new detector
The view from the top another view of the setup

Mechanical preparation for E432

Rebuilding ISiS
December 2004

New ISiS support
in chamber
Things seem to fit... Almost all together A closeup after the facelift
Back view before
inserting detectors
Almost time to check
cable lengths
Alan gets involved in
re-mounting a detector
Nickie inspects the situation
Sylvie takes charge... More discussion about
whether it will all fit
Is that progress? Alan is in a good mood
(before final exams!)
The new target mechanism