Many-Body Nuclear Dynamics Group: Instrumentation

Our group has a strong tradition of building sophisticated detectors to address the research questions we study. We firmly believe that the best science is done by using the best tools and we are committed to building those tools, and then utilizing them!

FIRST The newest addition to our detector family. Forward Indiana Ring Silicon Telescopes (FIRST) is a set of three annular Si-CsI(Tl) telescopes for detection of the projectile-like fragment and forward focused charged products. This array coupled to existing arrays such as LASSA (see below) is being built to better understand neck fragmentation and the projectile-fragmentation of radioactive ("exotic") beams.
HiRA In conjunction with Washington University in St. Louis and Michigan State University we are constructing a 20 telescope array with approximately three times the geometric efficiency of LASSA. This array is capable of addressing a wide range of physics goals including resonance spectroscopy, transfer reactions with radioactive ("exotic") beams, and reaction dynamics/nuclear equation-of-state.
LASSA A high resolution array of 9 telescopes capable of isotopically resolving fragments. This array allowed us to initiate our studies of isospin effects. It has been used in experiments at NSCL (Michigan State University, ATLAS (Argonne National Laboratory), and Texas A & M University (College Station).
MCP Micro-Channel Plate detectors (MCP) are widely used in a broad range of applications. We are using them as timing detector in experiments with low energy stable and radioactive beams. A position sensisitve detector, as well as a gridless detector are being developed.
ISiS A 4π array for studying multifragmentation induced with multi-GeV light-hadron projectiles. The ISiS project was initiated in 1990 and experiments with proton, pion, and antiproton beams were conducted at IUCF, SATURNE (Saclay, France), and the AGS (Brookhaven National Laboratory).

Device and Module Manuals

Si Detector Specs

Gridless Detector Information

PS-MCP Detector

Washington University Shaper values

Indiana University Pre-amplifier values

Low Pressure differential Gas Handling System

Multiplexed Analog Shaped Electronics

Data Acquisition System

Useful Notes

  • Change IP address on eddie
  • LASSA CsI Detector Gluing Procedure
  • Bias Control GUI Instructions (revised 5/7/07)
  • CAMAC Shaper/Disc Slow Control GUI Instructions
  • List of files for LabVIEW Slow Control GUI
  • Important MasterCam file locations
  • Calibration Pulser Control GUI Instructions
  • Limit switch schematic for XY mechanism control
  • LASSA CsI-->34pin adapter board schematic
  • LASSA CsI Voltage Distribution Box Schematic (for 10pin IDC)
  • Changing the video resolution on helga or eddie (the DAQ machines)
  • Range of 160 and alpha particles in Si
  • Wire winder spool instructions and specifications

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