Many-Body Nuclear Dynamics Group Theses

Thesis Title
Present Occupation
Blake Wiggins
Ph.D. Analytical Chemistry
Using Induced Signals to Develop a Position-Sensitive Microchannel Plate Detector Radiochemist, Babcock and Wilcox Technolo‪gies
Tracy K. Steinbach
Ph.D. Chemical Physics
Near and Sub-Barrier Fusion of Neutron-Rich Oxygen and Carbon Nuclei Using Low-Intensity Beams Physicist, Northrop Grumman Corporation
Zachary Q. Gosser
M.S. Chemistry
Using induced signals to sense position with a microchannel plate detector Analytical Chemist, AIT Laboratories
Michael J. Rudolph
M.S. Chemistry
Measuring fusion cross-sections for the 20O + 12C system at near barrier energies Assistant Director of Institutional Research and Effectiveness, Bellarmine University, KY
Alan B. McIntosh
Ph.D. Chemistry
Binary and Ternary Breakup of Excited Projectile-like Fragments Produced in Collisions of 124,136Xe Nuclei with 112,124Sn Targets at E/A = 50 MeV Postdoctoral Associate, Texas A&M University
Brian P. Davin
Ph.D. Chemistry
Development of LASSA: A Large Area Silicon Strip Array for Nuclear Reaction Studies and Investigation of Mid-Velocity Fragment Emission in 14Cd + 92,98Mo Reactions at E/A = 50 MeV INAir Aviation Services Co.
Todd A. Bredeweg
Ph.D. Chemistry
Heavy-Ion-Induced Ternary Fission as a Probe of the Dynamical Decay of Excited Nuclei Staff Scientist, LANL (4/2002)
Ethan L. Hull
Ph.D. Physics
Charge Collection Physics in Germanium Detectors. PhDs Co.
Dave Bracken
Ph.D. Chemistry
Exclusive Light-ion-induced Multifragmentation Studies Using the Indiana Silicon Sphere (ISiS). Staff Scientist, LANL.
Todd Hamilton
Ph.D. Chemistry
Multifragmentation of Highly Excited Nuclei. Professor, Georgetown College.
K.N. McDonnald
M.S. Chemistry
ISiS: A Three-dimensional Detector Array; and Reaction Product Cross Sections for the p + 28Si Nuclear Reaction at 200 MeV. Environmental monitoring.
Kevin B. Morley
Ph.D. Physics
Multifragmentation and Energy Dissipation in the 1.8-4.8 GeV 3He + Ag,Au Reactions. Staff Scientist, LANL.
Erin Renshaw Foxford
Ph.D. Chemistry
Studies of Fragment Emission in Light-ion-induced Nuclear Reactions. Software Engineer, Microsoft.
Doug E. Fields
Ph.D. Physics
Intermediate-mass Fragment Production in Intermediate-energy Nuclear Reactions. Research Scientist, New Mexico University.
Sherry J. Yennello
Ph.D. Chemistry
Fragmentation in Light-ion-induced Nuclear Reactions. Professor, Texas A&M University.
Terry Walker
Ph.D. Astrophysics
Professor of Physics & Astronomy, Ohio State University.
Mirek Fatyga
Ph.D. Physics
Limits to Complete Fusion and the Evolution of Nuclear Reaction Mechanism in the E/A = 10-100MeV energy regime. Assistant Professor, Radiation Oncology, Virginia Commonwealth University.
Marlon Walker
M.S. Chemistry
Search for Fission-like Breakup in the p+28Si Reaction at 200 MeV. Research Assistant, NIST.